Licensing & Compliance

Need better visibility and understanding of your Oracle Licensing Costs?

Concerned about accountability and compliance of your Oracle landscape?

Interested in reducing the TCO of your Oracle software expenditures?

Patriotek has provided licensing compliance, discovery and optimization services for small organizations  to very large companies with thousands of servers and over 15,000 licensable processor cores.  Patriotek uses industry leading licensing discovery tools merged with our proprietary technologies to address challenges related to complex licensing allocation and utilization and multi-vendor deployments.


Managed Services

Could your IT infrastructure be more effective and efficient?

Would your business be better served with all of your staff focused on it?

If you had access to instant IT expertise, would it be easier to reach your IT goals?

At Patriotek, our best clients believe that outsourcing some or all of their data center infrastructure and management is a good strategy for improving operations and decreasing expenses. Implementing cutting-edge technologies without the capital expenditure, deployment complexities, upgrades and maintenance is why we focus on Oracle as a Service (OaaS). We provide the hosting centers, in-house expertise and experience so our clients can focus on their business.



Would access to expert Oracle architects be valuable?

Do you have an Oracle technology partner you can truly trust?

Access the Right information for Informed Decision Making!

Our technology experts hold over 200 Oracle certifications and have the project experience to help you evaluate and implement a more strategic approach to Oracle hardware, software and your computing infrastructure. Our focus is to ensure customers meet their business challenges by successfully choosing and deploying the most appropriate complimentary solutions from applications to storage. We provide the complete technology stack – engineered and tuned at every level.