Our Value

Patriotek has a proven record of placing our customers’ needs first. We provide extreme value by keeping your best interests in mind, becoming a powerful extension of your IT department and serving as your one-stop Oracle shop.

Your Best Interest is Our Best Practice

At Patriotek, your best interest is our best practice. We take time to build long-lasting relationships with our customers, understand their current challenges and provide strategic guidance and solutions to accomplish end-goals. We’re here to support you all the way from pre-sale, through the procurement process and beyond. Quick sales are not in our make-up. In fact, if a product isn’t in your best interest, we’ll advise against its purchase.

A Powerful Extension of Your IT Department

Our value-added unparalleled service reduces your workload and fills in resource gaps. Think of us as an extension of your IT department. We do all the footwork in finding or designing the very best solutions and provide hands-on support to ensure the success of your projects from beginning to end. Bottom line? Patriotek’s team of experts reduces the learning curve for your company and gets to the best solution faster – saving you time and money.

A One-Stop Oracle Shop

Patriotek is your one-stop Oracle shop. Our founders, partners and core team members have been working within the Oracle & IT Community since the early 1990s and bring an impressive depth of knowledge, insight and expertise to our customers.

With over 750,000 hours of Oracle consulting expertise across the Red Stack, we offer an unmatched array of capabilities to solve business challenges and navigate today’s complex Oracle and IT landscape, including hardware and software product selection, licensing, procurement, financing, education, professional and 24x7x365 managed services as well as hosting solutions.

Every customer surveyed throughout the last year has indicated Patriotek has provided value.

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