Oracle Engineered Systems, Servers & Storage


As a certified Oracle hardware Value Added Reseller, Patriotek helps private- and public-sector organizations procure, deploy and optimize Oracle hardware solutions to drive productivity and accelerate innovation. Our Professional Services team has in-depth understanding and expertise across the entire Oracle technology stack that you can leverage to select and implement the best hardware solutions for your business or agency. We offer a strong menu of Hosting and Managed Services options to ensure you get the most from all of your Oracle hardware investments. Plus, flexible financing options, Oracle Licensing Management Services and powerful procurement vehicles make it easy to keep costs in check.  Scroll down to discover how Patriotek can help you capture the impressive benefits of Oracle Engineered Systems, Servers and Storage and contact us to learn more.


Let Patriotek help you exploit the power of Oracle Engineered Systems. Engineered for the highest levels of performance, Oracle Engineered Systems, including Exadata, Exalogic, Exalytics and SPARC SuperCluster, reduce operating costs and risks by consolidating databases, storage, networking and clustering software on a single powerful appliance. This combination of resources speeds deployment and facilitates integration within hours, instead of the once-standard days, or even weeks. Oracle Engineered Systems from Patriotek also provide automatic software and hardware upgrades to create a less complicated IT environment with a significantly smaller footprint.

Featured Solution: Exadata for Extreme Performance

The Exadata in-memory database machine offers the extreme performance necessary for data consolidation, data warehousing (DW), OLTP (Online transaction processing), mixed workloads and cloud computing applications. Oracle Exadata from Patriotek is the preferred solution when:

  • Your business is mission critical and response time is important
  • Your business forecast points to rapid growth.
  • You are considering cloud service models or looking for database consolidation
  • You prefer to have your database separated from applications


Patriotek helps customers increase performance, streamline management, power high availability and enterprise-wide efficiency with industry-leading Oracle servers. Oracle servers, including SPARC, Sun Netra Carrier-Grade, Sun x86 Systems and Sun Blade Servers deliver built-in virtualization, cloud management and systems management. All Oracle servers are optimized for use with Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, Oracle VM and Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center. Plus, all Oracle servers support both Oracle and non-Oracle software for a wide range of requirements and applications.

Featured Solution: Simplify Your Infrastructure with Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance (OVCA)

The Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance is an engineered system for all of your virtualized applications. Designed to dramatically reduce the complexity of converged infrastructures for any Linux, Oracle Solaris or Microsoft Windows application, OVCA not only simplifies server installation, deployment and management within your organization, but also:

  • Takes you from power-on to production in around an hour
  • Provides a fully virtualized software-defined infrastructure
  • Incorporates innovative Oracle products, proven for enterprise deployment
  • Enables linear scalability with the addition of one compute node at a time
  • Reduces setup and eliminates configuration errors since it’s a factory-built-and-tested system


Optimize storage capacity, boost performance and consistently achieve Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) with Oracle storage and tape systems from Patriotek. Best-of-breed Oracle storage solutions allow users to dramatically reduce storage complexity, ensure reliable backup and recovery, and respond faster to constantly-shifting requirements. Co-developed with Oracle software for higher speeds and greater efficiency in heterogeneous data centers, Oracle storage products and application-engineered storage solutions from Patriotek are an ideal choice to address today’s explosive data growth and simplify management of multi-generation storage media.

Featured Solution: Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3-BA: High Performance, Low Cost Backup and Restore

Let Patriotek help you get the highest backup and restore performance from Oracle ZS3-BA Storage. This integrated, high-performance backup solution allows Oracle Engineered Systems’ customers to lower costs, decrease risk, quickly conform to software license agreements (SLAs) and avoid the expense of third-party software and data reduction systems. The Oracle ZS3-BA:

  • Scales to 26 TB/hr for complete backups and 17 TB/hr for complete restores
  • Optimizes data protection speed and cost with Hybrid Storage Pools
  • Speeds deployment and implementation with backup utility
  • Accelerates backups and savings with unique Oracle integrations

Contact us today to learn how you can push the limits of Oracle hardware with Patriotek.