Oracle E-Business Suite


Oracle E-Business Suite gives you the power to improve decision-making, lower costs and enhance performance across all of your key business practices. The most comprehensive suite of integrated, global business applications on the market today, Oracle E-Business Suite delivers hundreds of cross-industry capabilities, spanning and simplifying management of customer relationships, services, finance, human capital, procurement, supply chain and more.  With Oracle E-Business Suite, you can:

  • Leverage a single, global basis of information that aligns sales channels with corporate objectives and enables true information-drive customer service.
  • Work smarter and reduce back-office costs with standardized processes for shared services, productivity and integrated performance management.
  • Enhance productivity, accelerate business performance and lower total cost of ownership with best-in-class human resources functionality.
  • Get a single, accurate view of all project-related activities with integrated applications that support the full lifecycle of project and portfolio management.
  • Cut supply management costs, reduce spending on goods and services and streamline procure- to-pay processes.
  • Automate supply chain processes, from design, planning and procurement to manufacturing and fulfillment – and enable a broad array of logistics capabilities.

As a certified Oracle software Value Added Reseller, Patriotek can help you procure, deploy and optimize Oracle E-Business Suite to drive productivity and accelerate innovation. We offer Professional Services  specific to Oracle E-Business Suite to help you select and implement the right applications from this impressive ERP suite. An array of Hosting and Managed Services   simplify management, lower costs and ensure you get the most from your Oracle E-Business Suite investments. Plus, flexible financing options, Oracle Licensing Management Services  and powerful procurement vehicles make it easy to get started fast without overwhelming your budget.


Oracle E-Business Suite is optimized for Oracle Hardware and delivers better business results running on Oracle Systems. As proven Oracle hardware experts with hundreds of successful Oracle E-Business Suite engagements, Patriotek can easily identify and deploy the best Oracle hardware solutions for your Oracle E-Business Suite enterprise application environment. We maximize business innovation and IT efficiency by creating the right foundation for Oracle E-Business Suite with the right Oracle systems for your organization, including Oracle Engineered Systems or individual best-in-class Oracle Server and Storage components, such as SPARC, x86, SuperCluster and Solaris.

Featured Solution: Oracle Optimized Solution for Oracle E-Business Suite

Patriotek lowers risk and helps organizations modernize global business environments with Oracle Optimized Solutions for Oracle E-Business Suite. Combining Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c with Oracle SuperCluster, Oracle Solaris, Oracle Database 11g provides a foundation for Oracle E-Business suite that delivers:

  • 4X lower Total Cost of Ownership than IBM P780+ Solutions
  • An 80%+ smaller data center footprint
  • Built-in high availability and disaster recovery
  • High-volume batch, OLTP work-load performance
  • 5X faster deployments with fully-documented Oracle E-Business Suite consolidation best practices 

Contact us today to learn how Patriotek can help you can strengthen decision-making capabilities and reduce the complexities of all of your unique business practice environments with Oracle E-Business Suite today.