Oracle Licensing Optimization

Foster Growth and Innovation – While Keeping Costs in Check

Patriotek has the deep expertise and unmatched understanding of Oracle licensing required to optimize licensing allocation and utilization to foster growth and innovation. We’re here to help you outline a direct path to savings within your current environment and ensure compliance as you utilize new technologies, including virtualization and cloud.

Our licensing experts know exactly what it takes to optimize your Oracle licensing and help you:

  • Identify Savings and Consolidation Opportunities with a Complete Oracle Software Licensing Review and Assessment
  • Utilize Partitioning, Placement, Resourcing, Utilization and Virtualization to Lower Costs
  • Avoid Mistakes with Detailed Scenario Modeling for Multi-Vendor Technology and Oracle Licensing Road Maps
  • Enable Longstanding Success with Software Asset Management (SAM) and Optimization Training
  • Capture and the Best Cost-to-Value Use of Licensing

Find out how you can capture costs savings and take advantage of the latest technology advancements without undermining compliance. CONTACT US to learn more about Patriotek’s Licensing Optimization Services today.