Licensing Managed Services

End-to-End Licensing Support

Confusion regarding licensing and compliance can often lead to inertia. Don’t let a lack of understanding or limited resources stand in the way of progress. Patriotek provides ongoing Licensing Managed Services (LMS) to help organizations of all sizes tackle the complexities of licensing, Software Asset Management and Oracle contract compliance.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all solution, Patriotek’s LMS experts collaborate closely with our customers to understand compliance goals and unique licensing challenges, then develop a customized plan to move forward with clarity and precision. With Patriotek LMS, you gain direct access to our seasoned licensing experts, who deliver:

  • Complete and Continual Oracle Licensing and Compliance Reviews, Assessments and Gap Analysis to Mitigate Risk, Reduce Costs and Ensure Compliance
  • Cost Saving Licensing Recommendations and Roadmaps
  • Oracle Contracts and Negotiation Support
  • Ongoing Automated Data Collection and Monthly on On-Demand Reports of Your Current Oracle Licensing Footprint
  • License Inventory and Software Asset Management (SAM) Support and Services
  • Licensing Strategy and Forward Compliance Planning to Meet Current and Future Demands

Our licensing team uses proven processes, a rich toolset and deep Oracle licensing expertise to help you manage, monitor and maintain licensing compliance across your IT infrastructure. Contact us for a presentation to learn more about Patriotek’s LMS services and CONTACT US or speak directly to some of our many customers directly about the value that our team can provide.