iQuate Software

Easily Align IT Assets with Oracle Licenses

When it comes to tracking and managing IT assets, too many organizations still rely on manual processes, which are not only time consuming and difficult to maintain but also prone to human error. Along with our rich set of licensing solutions and services, Patriotek is a certified iQuate® technology implementation partner with trained team resources to leverage this power tool for you. With iQuate and help from Patriotek, it’s easy to gain the visibility required to align IT assets with Oracle licenses. Patriotek utilizes iQuate agent to poll, collect and transmit your licensing data to a hosted repository, so that you can:

  • Get a Complete, Accurate View of Your IT Estate with a Complete Overview of Your Hardware and Software Inventory
  • Determine the IT Assets You Have, What is Installed and What You Are Actually Using
  • Accurately Identify Processor Types and Physical Configurations
  • Leverage Advanced Technology with Detailed Virtual To Physical Mapping
  • Automatically Access Your Certified Licensing Reports At Any Time

Keep in mind that even the most advanced asset identification and management tools won’t ensure compliance. Patriotek’s trained Oracle licensing management experts can translate the data iQuate provides into actionable information your organization can use to make the best licensing decisions, drive operational improvements and capture savings. CONTACT US to learn more.