Infrastructure as a Service

Cutting-Edge Technology without the Capital Expense

Patriotek Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) delivers direct access to cutting edge technology without the capital expense of purchasing equipment or complexity of deployments, upgrades and on-going maintenance. For a monthly fee, you can leverage Patriotek’s superior IT infrastructure on-premise or off-site to:

  • Easily Expand Compute and Storage Capacity on Demand
  • Capture the Benefits of Virtualization and Cloud Computing
  • Secure and Optimize Data Assets
  • Empower Enhanced Collaboration with World-Class Data and Voice Networks
  • Speed Delivery and Integration of Services
  • Ensure Disaster Recovery and Compliance
  • Significantly Lower the Overall Cost of IT

Patriotek Infrastructure as a Service allows you to utilize the latest Oracle Red Stack Infrastructure and a host of multi-vendor solutions from our expansive partner ecosystem, which includes Microsoft, Red Hat, EMC, Hyperion, HP, Intel, Cisco System and others.

Our certified technical engineers align services to meet specific project or business requirements and have the focused expertise to manage, maintain and optimize systems to deliver the best performance, provide the highest levels of security and ensure regulatory compliance. Don’t let the price tag of new equipment and services stand in the way of progress. CONTACT US to learn how you can capture business efficiencies and drive innovation with Patriotek IaaS.