Compliance Assurance

Pro-Actively Ensure Compliance and Audit Success

The increasing complexities of licensing terms, contract types and distribution models make many organizations feel as if compliance is continually out of reach. And when actually faced with an audit, most businesses don’t have the bandwidth to put aside day-to-day operations to complete required inventory paperwork and respond so quickly. Let Patriotek alleviate the pressures of compliance and audits, so that you can focus on your primary responsibilities and still be confident that you are well prepared, compliant and can pass an audit with ease.

Look to Patriotek for focused support and guidance to:

  • Prepare for and Streamline the Audit Process
  • Minimize an Audit’s Impact – Or Avoid an Audit Altogether
  • Accurately Identify, Track and Mange Oracle and Multi-Vendor IT Assets
  • Develop a Licensing and Software Asset Management Strategy to Ensure Ongoing Compliance
  • Simplify Reporting and Audit-Associated Paperwork
  • Proactively Analyze and Address Compliance Gaps
  • Implement Long-Term Licensing Savings Strategies

Patriotek’s compliance expertise and licensing discovery tools for Oracle and multi-vendor infrastructure technologies go much deeper than those of typical Value Added Resellers. With proactive and preventative measures coupled with hands-on support, Patriotek positions your organization for complete compliance success. CONTACT US to learn more.